Sunday, November 2, 2008


I don't know if I've ever mentioned the Paberback Swap here yet, but I've been trying it out recently and have to say...
I love it!

Let's see if I can explain it for you. It's basically an online book swapping site. People post their good condition, used books online and for every book of yours that you send out to another member, you get a book credit to use yourself, and in turn "order" a book from another member.

It's really a fabulous idea!

I mean how many of us have books laying around that we no longer need. Honestly, I have a whole stack of books that I read in my junior high/high school days that I'm never gonna read again. But some young girl may just love them now! And best of all, you pay nothing when you receive a book. You only pay a dollar and some change when you mail a book.

Here's what I did:
  1. I signed up
  2. Posted 10 books I had laying around that I wanted to get rid of
  3. I got 2 free book credits for listing at least 10 books
  4. I then searched the book database (over a million listed)
  5. I found 2 books I wanted (Power of a Praying Parent & Women Leaving the Workplace)
  6. Clicked the 'Order this book' button
  7. Got my free used books in the mail within a week and a half
Now, I've also recently sent one of my books out to another member who requested it, so I got another free book credit to use and got my Peanut a Carl book. (a child's book about a rottweiler) I've actually been looking through more of my books to see what else I can list so I can get more books that I know I'll read.

Everyone who sign up and lists 10 books gets 2 free book credits!

(and if you click the above logo, I get referral points that lead to more book credits. I know, shameless plug! But hey, I'm kind of a book junkie and I just . can't . stop . reading.)

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