Monday, November 24, 2008

Review of the Hi-Chair Bib

Janice, from Poi Wear, recently sent me one of her Hi-Chair Bibs to test out. When I first got the e-mail I was a bit skeptical, I mean how awesome can a bib really be? A bib is a bib, right??

Well, I decided to check out her site and realized that these might actually be something pretty neat. Especially since my little guy has stained almost all of his pajamas in the last few months during breakfast. (What is it about pajamas that make them so stain-able?) The Hi-Chair bib actually extends down the lap and onto the legs of your little one, so that when they go about feeding themselves and drop or spill their food (which they all will!) it never hits their clothes! Genius!

By the time I received it in the mail, I was pretty excited to try it out. My other bibs just were not working. I had the small infant sized ones that ended mid stomach on a 2 year old, and I had the plastic-y ones that were a bit longer and had the pocket to catch food. (Yea, those pockets don't really catch anything and my kid hated to wear it as it was always so stiff!)

When I opened it up, I was quite impressed with the quality and the lightness of it. My son was quite impressed with the dolphins on it! I looked quite large, but once you put it on a baby/toddler, you see why it's so long. :-)

Here is our first day with the Hi-Chair bib:

Breakfast - I made the ultimate messy food, smoothies! (hey, we are testing right?)
Not one drop on his new jammies! It all landed on the bib, even when he started to play in it.

Lunch - I forgot to take any pics, but we went with sandwiches and yogurt. Yup, yogurt! I figured we'd really put it to the test! Again, not one drop on his clothes. At this point I'm pretty much sold on the concept of the bib.

Dinner - tacos. Not to messy right? Take a look at what the bib caught.
That would have been on his lap.

And meals normally end something looking like this:

My personal mom review - I loved it! I honestly wish I had something like this sooner as I actually have about 4 pairs of pajamas that are ruined as well as a couple pairs of pants. It's lightweight and easy to use whether you put it on before or after they are in the chair. The split legs worked great at not only giving extra coverage, but staying in place as well. It covers my 2 year old down to his knees.

The Peanut review - Loved the dolphins! And after putting it on him, he did not pull it off once. The neck is comfortable, and being so lightweight it never bothered him at all. Plus it was easier to eat the dropped food once the tray was pulled out. (he always snacks off his lap before getting out!)
I would completely recommend these bibs to anyone who has to feed small babies and kids!!

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kolleen said...

That is exactly what I've been waiting for! I usually have a towel wrapped around her tummy, under her bib, and we still get dirty. I liked the happy crocodiles!!