Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Zen Baby DVD

I'm not a huge fan of letting my kiddo watch a lot of mindless t.v., or even some of those children's dvd's. But some days they seem to fit into our schedule a bit more when a certain someone is a tad cranky. And I'm not just talking about the toddler! (Hey, you moms know you have cranky days too!) So when I was asked by MomFuse and Zen Baby to review the Zen Baby DVD, I checked into it and thought it might be something we'd be interested in.

The DVD's feature some wonderfully relaxing music along with images of nature and young children. What impressed me most was the quality of the actual images. Some DVD's we've veiwed have been severely lacking in the photography department, but these images were beautiful to watch. As well as the fact that they remained on screen for more than a millisecond!

I was a bit worried my 2 1/2 year old (active!) boy may not be very interested in sitting and watching a slow moving video. But he surprised me. He actually sat and watched the whole thing while we discussed everything he saw. We talked about the flowers and the trees, the water and the babies. And it was actually tolerable to watch it myself. Normally the music or the images on these type of dvds give me a headache!

All in all, my little guy seemed to really like it, and I for one could also stand to watch it with him!

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La Mama Naturale' said...

Oooh! I'm supposed to be getting this for a review too. Sounds neat.