Friday, February 6, 2009

BumGenius 3.0 All-In-Ones

I've been using these BumGenius All-In-Ones (AIO) for about about 8 months now on my 2 yr old. I had been thinking of getting into cloth diapering for awhile but since there were so many options, I just didn't know where to start. So after a bit of research I figured I'd try out some AIO's for convenience sake, just to dip my feet in the water a bit.

What I think about these: Pros
  • Quite absorbant. Although we've had a few leak through at night time when he drinks to much before bed. I'd say these run along the same lines as Luvs for absorbancy.
  • Easy to use velcro tabs. There are no covers to mess with and no stuffing soakers, as simple to put on as a disposable!
  • Clean up is fairly easy, most of the time I can just shake off any mess instead of doing the whole dunk and rinse.
  • They're cute! What can I say, a fabric covered bum is cuter than one covered by a disposable.
What I think: Cons
  • The velcro can be easy for little ones to pry off themselves, especially as the diapers age.
  • After I stripped these, due to a bacteria that wouldn't was out and was causing a rash, the velcro got worse and now curls a bit. I need to order replacement tabs to fix this.
  • They take awhile to dry in the dryer. I have a front load machine and it can still take upwards of 90 minutes for them to dry.
  • Bulkier than disposables. Although not enough so that it looks horrible or that the child has difficulty moving in them.
The only problem I've had with these was when I switched laundry detergents to a "free and clear" instead of the Seventh Generation detergent that I normally used. This caused some buildup, smell, and rashes.

To wash these I do a cold rinse, then run a longer hot cycle with a second hot rinse. Then I dry on hot.

Overall I do like these diapers, but wish the velcro had held up a bit better.

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