Friday, February 6, 2009

BumGenius One-Size

After trying out the 3.0 AIO's and liking them, I decided to buy up a few more when I saw them go on sale. But, this time I went for the One Size dipes. If you aren't familiar with what a one size diaper is, it's basically a diaper that you can adjust so that it fits your baby from 8 pounds all the way up to 35 pounds. They have 3 sets of snaps on the front to set the size.

Personally I like these better than the 3.0's. Not only for the fact that these will fit our next baby all the way till potty training, but they seem a larger fit as well in the largest size. They also dry faster in the wash because they are stuffed diapers. Only downfall is you have to take the insert out when you wash and then stuff it back in when dry!

They fit my kid well (he's a little skinny thing) and we've had no issues with blowouts or anything. Although he is two, so those don't happen often as it is!

I haven't had any problems with these since I bought them about 6 months ago. Each dipe is only used probably twice a week which helps for wear and tear, but so far they've held up great.

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