Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Review: Kenneth Brown Nursery Collection

I was recently asked by Mom Fuse to review a new set of bedding, by L.A. designer Kenneth Brown, that is going to be offered through Babies R Us. Personally this blessing couldn't have come at a better time for us! I'm about 6-8 weeks from having our little girl and the only bedding we currently own is blue and covered in trucks and trains! (Not that she would have noticed, but to have something a bit "softer" and "pinker" is great!)

I was sent the 4 piece bedding set, and the luxury blanket to match, to the Lady Bug Paisley Collection to look over.

First off, I have to admit, I'm not huge into pink. I think it's cute and all when a little girl wears it, but I didn't want the nursery to be so bright that it hurt my eyes either. (Which is why I had painted it green when my son came along a couple years ago. I figured if/when we had a girl I'd go pink and green) And a lot of bedding I see in the stores just screams "baby girl!" because of the pinkness. I wanted something a bit more muted, something that could grow with her a bit. So when I saw the colors of the new bedding set I about jumped for joy!! It's a soft girlie pink with cream and green tones as well. And the paisley pattern is baby sweet, but yet somehow sophisticated. (as an added plus for me, the green in the fabric matches the green on my walls beautifully!!)

Being so excited to finally have some bedding for my little girl, I moved my son out of the nursery that week. (his new room had just been waiting for curtains, so I wasn't just kicking him to the curb!) So after I had him moved out, I got to work resetting the height of the crib. Which I forgot how much of a pain that was! An afternoon later.......I was finally placing the bedding in. And when Cody got to see it for the first time he ran in and exclaimed "Oh, wow!". And then of course he wanted in. It's so cute I don't blame him though! So he got to play around for a bit until it was all disheveled and I grabbed him out so I could make it look pretty again.

Now...... I need to talk quality for a moment. Because it's so important. I mean, you buy bedding to last at least a couple/few years for one child and then hope to either use it again or possibly sell it when you're done. This bedding set, compared to the set we had for my son, is leaps and bounds better in that department! The stitching is strong and the fabric is of great quality. This set is also super plush and soft! Even after the first washing it didn't go flat like my other set did. The quilt is nice and thick and my son wouldn't stop laying on it! And I can't wait to wrap up my little babe in the super soft luxury blanket. Both the blankets also have a cute little pink ladybug in one of the corners.
The bumper is also great in the aspect that it's reversible. One side has the paisley print with little ladybugs scattered throughout, and the other side has small flowers with a larger ladybug on one end to match the blankets. The one thing I did find slightly lacking in the bumper were the ties. To me they could have been just a touch longer as I had problems getting them tied around the crib rail corners. Other than that though, it's super cute!
Along with the bedding, you also receive a workbook with ideas how to design your nursery. The feature I liked most about this were the samples of recommended paint colors. It sure makes it easier to color coordinate with this in hand! Especially since I plan on sewing a few things for the baby.

All in all, I really like this bedding set! It's a great thing to put on your baby registry if you're having a shower or two! I hope our little girl finds it cozy! Otherwise, maybe I'll just sleep with the blankets!

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