Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review: Maggie Maternity

As most of you ladies who are, or have been, pregnant know, by the time you hit the 8-9 month mark, clothes just aren't as comfortable. Although, I love the whole being a stay at home mom this time around since I can wear my yoga pants all day if I want, but I still have to put up with the squeezing and pinching when going out in public. So I was super excited to be given the opportunity to review an article of clothing from Maggie Maternity!

I decided to check out the Silhouette Skirt since summer is going to be upon us soon, and for the fact that they also advertise it can be worn post partum! Nothing better than getting more use out of clothing!

Upon opening it, I noticed how soft and flexible the fabric actually was. Not at all like any of my other maternity skirts. And as simple as it is (basic a-line cut) I figure it can be dressed up or down depending on where you're going. I decided to dress it up the next day for church. And was I ever glad I did! Seriously, that skirt is so comfortable I could actually sit through service without re-adjusting every 10 minutes. And normally I can't wait to get out of my dress clothes after a few hours, but I ended up wearing this skirt all day around the house as well. (and I may have taken a nap too!)

Now, anyone who's known me for any length of time also knows I'm all about saving money and not spending frivolously, so the price tag can be a bit to swallow. But, the thing I love about Maggie Maternity is that everything is so versatile and classic. Take the skirt for example, it's not super trendy, so I can wear it a few years down the road if we happen to be blessed with another baby, and I can pair it with just about any shirt I own instead of just one or two. This is definitely a staple piece for your closet. And as an added plus, the waist band on it is versatile as well (can be worn above or below the belly - and it stays put!), so I will definitely be wearing this baby post partum!

Maggie Maternity is also offering a 10% discount to my readers (including their sale items) until May 15! Just enter the code: BL2009T

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