Monday, May 25, 2009

Review : The Peanut Shell

The Peanut Shell falls into the pouch style sling category and was the second carrier I've owned. (I didn't care for the Snugli much) I went online and bought this when Cody was about 7 months old or so. I was tired of never having my hands free when I went out and he was starting to make grocery shopping difficult as he hated sitting in the carseat in the cart, but couldn't quite sit up in it himself.

It was a lifesaver! I used the hip carry and it worked out quite well. I could finally make it through the store without any problems. For the next few months, this is how we went out anytime we were going to be outside or walking around at the mall, etc.

Now I've been using it with Sophia, and it's the first time I've been able to use the cradle carry. It worked very well for us, but I had to make sure she was situated just right or she wasn't to happy in there. And now at just over nine pounds she's a bit big for the size we have. I bought one based on the size I needed for a hip carry for a teeny kid. I think one size up would help our problem of her being squished.

What I loved:
It's easy to learn how to use and there is no learning curve. It's also small and very portable. Easy to toss in a diaper bag. It also has a nice padded edge on one side which is super nice for the hip carries as the fabric won't dig into baby's legs. The pocket on the front is super convenient for keys and some cash so you don't have to take a purse too. Plus the designs are super cute!!

What I didn't love:
After awhile my shoulder would tend to get a bit sore from the extra weight and the shoulder that had the sling on it had somewhat limited mobility as I couldn't raise my arm to high.

All in all:
I do like this sling and it still serves it's purpose as a quick carrier that is comfortable for shorter durations. (ex. the grocery store) It's also a nice one to get the baby to sleep in since I can pull it, and her, off over my head and then lay her down without waking her up.
(at 5 weeks old)


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