Sunday, May 17, 2009

Review : Temporal Scanner

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Going through my bathroom drawer the other day, I found 4 different thermometers. And old school "wait for 3 minutes" kind, one for the ear, one for the mouth, and one for the rear. (poor babies) The last three actually had dead batteries that I never bothered to replace because I hated how they worked. It always seemed that the temp they took just wasn't right, and it varied immensely. The ear one never really worked for my little kids even though that's what it was hyped up to do well, and the mouth/underarm one took to long to use on my active baby and even worse when he turned toddler.

So when MomFuse asked me to try out the Exergen Temporal Scanner, I was pumped!

This little scanner is actually pretty nifty! As soon as I got it, I pulled it out, quick read over the instructions, called Cody over, and proceeded to do it wrong. Read instructions again. "Oh! Hold the button while moving. Duh!" Tried again. Perfect.

All you have to do is hold it in the middle of the forehead, hold the button, and swipe to the hairline. It takes all of a few seconds and you have your temp. No more holding down little ones trying to get a decent reading! This really seems to be the all around great temp taker for a household. No more trying to keep rectal thermometers separate! One device can take the whole family's temps.

I really liked how easy this was to use. And one of my lucky readers will too! Because the nice folks at Exergen are letting me give one away! How cool is that right?

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