Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We recently had the chance to review some new kids music by MeeWee. And since I have quite the little singer/dancer I jumped at the chance.

Now MeeWee is touted as "fun, exciting, and uplifting Hip-Hop music for elementary school age children." And while my little guy isn't quite that old yet, he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit!

The music is fun, the lyrics are good, and it didn't drive me to crazy! Personally though, I wouldn't listen to this all by my lonesome, but it's great to have in the car when a certain little someone gets a bit to antsy. And lately he even asks to watch it. (yea, haven't been able to get him to figure out the difference between CD's and DVD's yet!) And much to his pleasure I usually oblige and we be-bop down the road in my awesome minivan. (you know you're a mom when......)

What I do like about this music though is that it'd different than the normal kid songs I've heard a million times over. It's also available through download at places like amazon and iTunes.

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