Monday, May 11, 2009

Review : Carrie's Kiddie Closet

Birth Announcements.

Something every new mom sends out. (or in my case, still have to send out 5 weeks later!) So, really, they're something every new mom wants to send out! It used to be that you would just head to the store and pick out one of the half dozen designs they carry. The you'd have to fill out each and every card with all your babies info.

But now, what with this thing we call the internet, there are so many more choices! Just a swagbucks search will takes you days to look through! And with baby number two here, I was excited when MomFuse asked if I'd like to review some announcements from Carrie's Kiddie Closet.

I was actually amazed at the selection she carries and ended up picking a really cute pink and brown polka dot card. They came super fast and they look so cute! And it's always fun to see your new little baby's name in print! Now I just need to get them sent out........

Carrie also sent me a few note cards that are super cute as well. And just like the announcements, the quality is quite great. She also sells all sorts of invitations and cards. Oh, and the prices won't make your pass out from shock either!

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