Thursday, May 14, 2009

Review : Lullaby Exercises

A few months back I received Lullaby Exercises from Chicks and Chickens. And it sat on my shelf waiting for baby girl to be born. And then it sat some more as I recouped after birth. But this last week I was finally feeling like I needed to move. To get my dairy-aire in gear.

You see, I don't talk about it much anymore since I don't have a lot of extra time on my hands, but I used to exercise a lot. Everyday as a matter of fact. But now - not so much. Even in the summer I'm lucky if we get out on a walk that's faster than toddler pace! So I was really interested to see what this DVD was all about.

Lullably Exercises is a very light fitness routine meant for new moms. It features easy to do movements (dancing, swaying, stretching and relaxing) that are done while holding your little baby or having them in a carrier. Seemed like a great way to move around while putting baby to sleep!! And Darci, the "chief chick" came up with the idea after her first baby was born and she started dancing around the house to get him to sleep.

But anyways, a couple days ago, I popped it in the player, put baby in the sling, and told the tot we were gonna exercise. For some reason he got all excited and started jumping around. And then was even more interested when he saw Darci come out and start talking with her little boy. (there's an intro where she explains the DVD and how it all got started. And then the exercising started. And he turned into this:
Yea. I guess he thought we were watching a movie about chickens and/or babies. So for the first 5 minutes I had to move around him! Once he finally got up and figured out what was going on, he got bored and left me for his trains. About 3 songs in, I almost left too! While the movements don't seem like much, it sure tired me out! Guess it really is a great way to start getting back in shape after a baby!

And I admit, I totally didn't do everything. But hey - she kept telling me not to! Which I was actually quite thankful for seeing as how I tend to do way more than I should to soon after birthing. I enjoyed the relaxing sleepy songs at the end immensely though. The music is beautiful and the movements are easy. The end result?
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The idea behind this is fabulous! It allows a mom to get some much needed exercise all the while caring for her little babe at the same time. And hopefully, it'll help me lose those last few pounds! It also comes with a CD so that you can just play the music and move and groove all by yourself.

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